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  • Automatic Type-Casting Machine
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    • Function / Purpose:
      The automatic type-casting machine is used for casting lead alloy movable type. Electricity or gas is used to power the machine and operate the pouring of lead into the matrices. Once the solidifies, it becomes lead type that can be used for typesetting. The machine consists of a lead melting pot and mold. The lead pot contains molten lead heated by burning coal, and the holder can be fitted with various copper character molds. Apart from machines used for casting character types, there are also other models used for leading, quads, titling and special characters.
    • Characteristics:
      The hand type-casting machine was converted into the automatic type-casting machine by Henry Barth in 1888. This particular machine was donated by Mr. Ling Ya-Yuan from the Dadi Printing Company. Dadi owns a very complete range of printing tools and facilities and specializes in movable type. Once the lead type is cast by the automatic foundry, it is sent for trimming and then is ready for use. Around 120~150 lead types can be cast each minute, but the exact quantity depends on the size of the cast type. The process offers a strong contrast to the computerized type selection process done on keyboards today.
    • Dimensions:
      L:98.00 cm X W:77.00 cm X H:142.00 cm
    • Classification:
      Movable type printing