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  • Stereotype Casting Machine
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    • Function / Purpose:
      The stereotype casting machine is used to create lead plates of the original for high-volume printing. To simplify layout changes, reprinting, high-volume printing or dealing with special printing materials, movable type layouts or photo-type plates can be duplicated using casting technology. During casting, the casting mold on the machine is filled with lead. The resultant lead plates can be assembled into larger layouts.
    • Characteristics:
      The stereotype casting machine was originally owned by the Mingshan Printing Company founded in Chiayi in 1936. It must be used with paper matrices in order to cast duplicate plates. To make a paper matrix, the thin paper matrix is overlaid on thick paper-mache and then manually wetted with brushes. It is usually used by printing companies for large print runs or to retain a copy of the plates. For stereotyping plates to be cost-effective, the print run must be of sufficient size. The Mingshan Printing Company used to accept orders from Japanese publishers to turn movable type layouts into paper matrices. These were then shipped to Japan for stereotyping plates and used in high-volume printing. Modern computer typesetting technology means retaining, duplicating and printing layouts are all very convenient. The craftsmanship involved however feels just a little lacking.
    • Dimensions:
      L:62.00 cm X W:49.00 cm X H:59.00 cm
    • Classification:
      Movable type printing