Introduction and origin of project
* Introduction and origin of project
  Main Project:
* Ministry of Education Social Education Institution Digital Culture Creation and e-Education Project (museum group).
* Sub-project: The Taiwan Science and Technology Artifacts and Industrial Technology Digital Education and Cultural Creative Program.
* The collections of Taiwan technologically cultural relics and industrial techniques.
   During the evolution of Taiwan technological industrial culture, many local technological achievements have certain historical significance because of their influence on our lives and industries.  However, those cultural relics and other related evidences important in our technological development history are either scattered or are nowhere to be found.  The technological field is broad and its development changes day by day.  Those technologically cultural relics of special significance and value are quickly disappearing.  It would be very regretful in the future if we do not systematically collect and preserve them.  Therefore, the National Science and Technology Museum (NSTM) has been collecting industrially/technologically cultural relics since 1995.
* Collection and preservation
   Based on the idea of "collecting for the future", we have collected materials which had ever imposed a critical impact on the development of technology and industry of Taiwan, in order to honor or demonstrate the important achievements of technology development in this country.  The scope of collection includes printing, metrology, textiles, Chinese ancient locks, television, nanotechnology, optoelectronics, green energy, biology, telecommunication, etc.  Our distinguished collection comprises objects (such as materials, photographs, slides and pictures), documents, files and narrative history data.
* Digital Cultural Creativity and Education Project
   In this digital era, one of the development priorities for museums is to bring their collections into full play.  It is for this great cause that we execute the "Digital Cultural Creativity and Education Project", in which resources of various museums are integrated by the Ministry of Education.  On the one hand, the profuse digital museum resources can generate the biggest benefits and influences on culture, academia, education and economy, reaching the goal of sustainable operation; on the other hand, through the integration of new media, cloud computing, mobile devices, context-awareness, social networks and other innovative technologies, a diverse digital education content and value-added service can be consequently developed for supporting various communities of students, teachers, parents, general public and families.
  The sub-project "Digital Cultural Creativity and Education Project on Taiwan Technologically Cultural Relics and Industrial Techniques" is expected to achieve the following goals:
* To collect and preserve thousands (the number is still growing) of technologically cultural relics; transform the information in regard to the relics into digital files in order to provide value-added applications in digital education;
* To establish a "Digital Learning Database of Taiwan Technologically Cultural Relics and Industrial Techniques", which includes the abovementioned digital data and several external websites, where the culturally creative goods developed in this Project can be demonstrated.  Those websites are the channels for public application; the public can use the free digital resources and learning contents established in this Project;
* To develop the e-books for Taiwan technologically cultural relics and industrial techniques; the major themes are movable type printing, ancient locks and metrology;
* To develop the APP programs of cultural relics, which can be used on mobile devices; the current APP themes to be developed are movable type printing, ancient locks and metrology;
* To develop culturally creative goods by using the digital data on technologically cultural relics; and
* For the "Open Storage" arranged in the NSTM, this Project is going to establish QR-code marks, the wireless audio guide and the learning content with digital guide.
* Value-added application of collections
   We have collected many precious cultural relics of Taiwan, such as the tools and equipment of movable type printing in the early days, ingenious ancient Chinese locks, and the metrological equipment since the Japanese colonization period.  Those relics existed in the daily lives of that time, sparking the social development with intangible power.  However, as technology evolved, those important objects with historical significance were gradually put into oblivion by the public.  Therefore, through this Project, we hope, in the future, combined with display, education and cultural creativity, to present more of our value-added application results based on the digital information of our collections, in order to show the public the development of Taiwan's technology, and its significance in history, society, art and culture.