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    • Function / Purpose:
      A paper cutter is a tool for cutting paper or trimming the size of printed matter. The paper cutter showcased here is manually operated, with the operator holding the paper with one hand and controlling the knife with the other.
    • Characteristics:
      Generally, the printed papers can be divided into sizes 1, 2 and 4. The process in which a cutting machine cuts a big printed paper into small sizes is called "sizing". The properties of printed paper will vary with the type and function of printing machines and printing plates. Therefore, various ways of cutting have been developed. Not only does the cut need to be accurate, but the operator also needs to understand the folding and collation sequence of the printed papers so as to avoid incorrect sizing.
    • Dimensions:
      L:73.00 cm X W:60.00 cm X H:62.00 cm
    • Classification:
      Movable type printing